New hit BBC crime series ends each week with an Israel indictment [HUMOR]

BBC’s Newest Detective Drama Stars Hanin Zoabi & Margot Wallstrom
by Aaron Scheer
January 16, 2016

The BBC unveiled its newest show for the Spring lineup with the coming premier of “Wallstrom and Zoabi: Root Causes“ a riveting drama starring Hanin Zoabi and Margot Wallstrom as two no-nonsense detectives who solve crimes while trying to find the perfect work-life balance in a male-dominated world. In addition to Swedish Foreign Minister Wallstrom and Member of Knesset Zoabi (Balad Party), the series also features George Galloway as their gruff but lovable boss at the Police Precinct, as well as MP Jeremy Corbyn as a comically inept Crown Prosecutor…. Produced by Roger Waters, the series has a unique twist in that no matter what the crime or the suspects, the final result is that Israel is the culprit. Mr. Waters explained his early concerns for the show. At first I was afraid that the fact that Israel is always wrong might be a turn-off to the Network Execs, but then I was like, ‘Hey! It’s BBC!’ Am I right?” READ MORE

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