Virtually all terrorists are assisted by others so there is no such thing as a lone-wolf jihadist

What Isn’t Being Said About the Capture of Paris Terrorist Salah Abdeslam
by Abraham H. Miller
March 23, 2016

My initial reaction to the grinding monotony of CNN’s non-stop coverage of the capture of Salah Abdeslam, the alleged mastermind behind the brutal and wanton murders in Paris last November, was boredom. This was followed by the inescapable absurdity of the coverage. Absurd because the “terrorist experts” kept wondering aloud how Mr. Abdeslam hid in plain sight for so long. There were speculations about the competence of the Belgian security forces, and the gratuitous, politically correct and always obligatory statement about how the terrorists are not really Muslims and how their violence is an embarrassment to the larger Muslim community. If these “experts” had been honest, they would have noted that typically for every active member of a terrorist group there are at least a dozen people providing logistics, intelligence, safe houses and the various and sundry things that enable the group to operate. READ MORE

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