“The persecution of Jews in Arab lands had not ceased since the rise of Muhammad who, in 626 C.E., enslaved, expelled or beheaded the three leading Jewish tribes of the Arabian Peninsula”

Forgotten Jewish refugees
by Yoram Ettinger
April 8, 2016

The CIA assessed that “a second Jewish Holocaust in less than 10 years” would be the response to the establishment of a Jewish state. In fact, 820,000 Jews were expelled from Arab lands, before and after the 1948-1949 War of Independence. They were robbed of billions of dollars’ worth of property, and Arab masses lynched, raped and looted Jewish communities. Some 240,000 Jews were expelled from Morocco, 140,000 from Algeria, 105,000 from Tunisia, 38,000 from Libya, 70,000 from Egypt, 5,000 from Lebanon, 25,000 from Syria, 135,000 from Iraq, 55,000 from North Yemen, and 8,000 from South Yemen. Unlike the well-documented 320,000 Arab refugees of the 1948-1949 war, the Jewish refugees did not engage in subversion and terrorism against their host countries, did not join invading military forces that sought to destroy their host countries, and did not collaborate with Nazi Germany. READ MORE

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