#Charlotte “They’re mad because they heard a black guy was shot by a white cop while sitting in his car reading a book. Yeah, sure, it turns out the “book” was actually a gun, and the white cop was actually black, but that doesn’t matter”

No, they’re not ‘protesters.’ They’re terrorists.
by Matt Walsh
September 22, 2016

If you’re a little confused about what’s going on in Charlotte, North Carolina, allow me to explain: a black cop shot and killed a black man, so a bunch of black rioters decided to burn down a black neighborhood and loot black-owned businesses in order to protest racism against black people. Make sense now? No, I suppose it doesn’t…Why are they claiming Keith Scott was unarmed when all of the evidence clearly shows he had a gun? And no matter if the shooting was justified or not, why are they shouting “white cops are devils” when the cop who shot Scott was black? And even if the cop was white…why are they destroying their own community in response? READ MORE

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