Schanzer see shades of ’67 Six Day War: “Russia’s allies are again provoking the Israelis, who may ultimately see little choice but to strike first”

Russia Risks a Showdown with Israel over Hezbollah in Syria
by Jonathan Schanzer
April 29, 2017

…The Israelis have warned repeatedly that the next war with Hezbollah could be one in which Israel will seek nothing less than total defeat and ousting of Hezbollah from Lebanon. Vladimir Putin’s foray into Syria has been described as an attempt to resurrect Russia’s past. But Soviet actions in the Middle East contributed inexorably to the Six Day War and its own weakening in the region. Russia risks repeating the mistakes it made a half century ago, mistakes that still have a profound impact on the region today. READ MORE

CBC NEWS The Enright Files: Fifty years after the Six-Day War (with Michael Oren)

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