“Head of Hillel at Princeton is more worried about how Muslims feel than about Jewish students’ rights to hear Israel’s side of the story”

Hillel’s Conservative Rabbi Julie Roth is a second time offender
by David Bedein
November 8, 2017

Princeton Hillel’s Conservative Rabbi Julie Roth barred Israel Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely from addressing Princeton Hillel.  To anyone who is conscious of Deputy Minister Hotovely representing the first Jewish  government in 2000 years this is hard to  believe – and to anyone who values the free exchange of ideas, it is shockingly illiberal. But it is in keeping with Roth’s allergy to pro-Israel speakers. ​ Eight years ago, in my capacity as the Middle East Correspondent of the Philadelphia Bulletin, I was assigned to cover the appearance at that very same Princeton Hillel auditorium of a pro-Israel Arab activist, Nonie Darwish. Her appearance, however, was cancelled by – you guessed it –  that very same Conservative Rabbi Julie Roth. READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST Caroline B. Glick: Hotovely and The Iceberg. The vast majority of American Jews support Israel. It wouldn’t do for pro-BDS Hillel directors to parade their hostility to the Jewish state in public.

TABLET MAG Jewish Studies Professor to Congress: No Anti-Semitism on College Campuses, Nothing Wrong With Comparing Israel to Nazis

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