Bernard Lewis (1916-2018): “He’s been Bibi’s confidant and Edward Said’s nemesis (of whom he said, “It’s hard to know where ignorance ends and deceit begins”), but mostly, he’s been the voice of clarity in a region of distorted facts and fabrications”

Bernard Lewis: 100 Years in the Making
by Yonoson Rosenblum
May 22, 2018

…In 1976, he published an article in Commentary, “The Return of Islam,” that broke with the prevailing orthodoxy that the Middle East was rapidly headed toward a future of secular revolutionary movements. The standard American college textbook on the Middle East at that time bore the title The Passing of Traditional Society: Modernizing the Middle East. That year, Anwar Sadat was firmly in control in Egypt, and the Muslim Brotherhood was under his thumb; the Shah of Iran was still ensconced on his throne; and Osama bin Laden had just graduated an elite high school where he wore a blazer and tie. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Netanyahu eulogizes Bernard Lewis as ‘great scholar, robust defender of Israel’ Lewis warned presciently about the possibility of Muslim parties winning control of Egypt, urged the world’s democracies not to misguidedly push for elections throughout the region as an ostensible panacea, and instead recommended that the West encourage the gradual development of local, self-governing institutions.

SPECTATOR USA Domenic Green: Bernard Lewis was right about ‘the return of Islam Lewis was the English-speaking world’s most eminent modern scholar of the Middle East…He said that the Arabs were the authors of their own misery, and that the ‘return of Islam’ meant that unhappy Islamists were going to share their misery with the rest of the world.

WALL STREET JOURNAL Bernard Lewis: The great scholar of the Middle East predicted its recent convulsions.

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