Jews who recite Kaddish for genocidal Jew-killers: Are they “low information” or do they just hate Israel?[VIDEO]

A Jewish prayer gathering for Gaza victims makes British Jews lose their cool
by Cnaan Lipshiz
May 26, 2018

Martin Hizer was driving his taxi through London when he learned that a group of Jews were publicly gathering to recite the mourning prayer for Palestinians killed in Gaza. “Frankly, I was fuming,” Hizer, who is Jewish, said in an interview on YouTube for a pro-Israel channel. The video shows him confronting the 50 Jewish protesters in Parliament Square on May 16 as they said kaddish for the 61 Palestinians killed that week in clashes with Israeli troops. READ MORE

JEWISH NEWS SYNDICATE Mort Klein and Liz Berney: Appalled by ADL’s mourning Hamas deaths as ‘horrific tragedy It’s painfully shocking that Anti-Defamation League head Jonathan Greenblatt recently wrote on ADL’s website: “It is a horrific tragedy that so many people have been killed and wounded at the Gaza border.” Thus, we must ask: How is the death of mostly Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorists a “horrific tragedy?”

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