Over the past few weeks, the leaders of the Reform and Conservative movements have chosen to deliver their flagship institutions “into the hands of Jewish antisemites”

If Not Now, then When?
by Caroline Glick
June 7, 2018

…Over the past two decades, the major disputes among and within American Jewish groups have revolved around two main issues. First, they faced the challenge of skyrocketing intermarriage and assimilation rates among non-Orthodox Jews and the concomitant dwindling of membership rates in non-Orthodox religious institutions. Second, major American Jewish groups have had to deal with the challenge of Jewish anti-Israel groups. …When the leaders of the Reform and Conservative movements embraced Chabon’s anti-Judaism and IfNotNow’s anti-Judaism, they announced that they have not merely chosen – in the face of their existential crisis of assimilation and attrition – to self-destruct. READ MORE

FRONT PAGE Daniel Greenfield: Pro-Trump Jews are the Future of American Zionism How can the vast majority of Israelis be happy with the relationship while the majority of American Jews aren’t? The answer gets at the heart of the split between what American and Israeli Jews want from Israel.

FORWARD Orthodox To Dominate American Jewry In Coming Decades As Population BoomThere will be more Orthodox than Reform and Conservative combined within about 40 years. And before the end of this century the Orthodox will outnumber all other American Jews combined, including those who belong to no denomination

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