ADL attack on Kavanaugh nomination “latest instance of how Jonathan Greenblatt has turned the venerable anti-Semitism watchdog into a partisan outfit”

Whatever happened to the ADL?
by Jonathan Tobin
July 13, 2018

When Jonathan Greenblatt replaced Abe Foxman as national director of the Anti-Defamation League in 2015, the shift from a career Jewish professional to a veteran Democratic Party operative with no experience working in the field raised questions about the future direction of the group…But after three years at the helm of the ADL, there’s no longer any doubt that not only is Foxman badly missed, his replacement has more or less destroyed the organization’s reputation. By repeatedly involving it in political controversies, it is impossible to pretend that Greenblatt’s vision of the group isn’t fundamentally that of a Democratic Party auxiliaryREAD MORE

THE FEDERALIST David Harsanyi: Democrats Don’t Fear Brett Kavanaugh, They Fear The Constitution Originalists will preserve the constitutional order. And that’s a big problem for progressives.

GATESTONE Alan Dershowitz: The SCOTUS Confirmation Process Has Gotten Out of Hand Justice Kavanaugh is extraordinarily well qualified by his educational and academic background and judicial history. He should be given a hearing and asked probing questions about his judicial philosophy…

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