Defender Of Israel Blisters UN Human Rights Council For Its Silence After Murder Of Israeli Father

TIMES OF ISRAEL Witness says Ari Fuld’s killer deliberately targeted an American Falafel shop worker tells Times of Israel that terrorist twice asked her and others in restaurant if they spoke English and stood behind Fuld for a full minute before stabbing him

JERUSALEM POST UN official: Palestinian glorification of Fuld terror attack reprehensible “Hamas leaders continued to incite violence, with one senior official speaking of “cleansing Palestine of the filth of Jews,” and threatening to decapitate Israeli leaders,” Mladenov reported.

BREITBART GoFundMe Campaign Aims to Support Widow, Orphaned Children of Terror Victim Ari Fuld A fundraising campaign seeks to raise money to support the widow and orphaned children of Ari Fuld, the dual U.S.-Israeli citizen who was brutally murdered by a Palestinian terrorist on Sunday…Supporters started a GoFundMe page, which has been taken over by Fuld’s family members and seeks to raise $1.2 million to sustain Fuld’s widow and four children.

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