“Jews are being gaslighted — psychologically manipulated to the point of questioning our own sanity and reality — by Farrakhan, Sarsour, Tamika Mallory and the leftist Jews who reflexively defend them”

The March of Hate
by Karen Lehrman Bloch
January 9, 2019

Let’s be very clear: If you decide to participate in the national Women’s March, you are enabling and abetting hatred of the Jewish people. If you are writing sanctimonious apologetics for the organizers, you are sanitizing and normalizing anti-Semitism. It was amazingly useful for Tablet magazine, in a recent report, to confirm that three of the four leaders of the Women’s March are proud anti-Semites — that even at their first meeting they berated a Jewish organizer for what they alleged was her unresolved “white supremacy,” and ultimately pushed her out. READ MORE

NY DAILY NEWS Ziva Dahl: Tamika Mallory insults Martin Luther King’s legacy of combating anti-Semitism According to a colleague, Mallory has said she doesn’t trust white people. Mallory reportedly claims Jews are exploiters of black and brown people and, according to the New York Times, insists, along with her colleague Carmen Perez, that “Jewish people played a large role in the slave trade and the prison industry.”

FREE BEACON DNC Withdraws Its Sponsorship of the Women’s March The Democratic National Committee has withdrawn its sponsorship of the Women’s March, amidst controversy over the ties of the group’s co-chairs to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and allegations of anti-Semitism. The DNC joins other groups that have withdrawn sponsorship, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and EMILY’s List, Jewish News Syndicate reports. The National Organization for Women and the NAACP also appear to have removed their official support for the Women’s March.

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