“Juan Carlos López’s children have all left Venezuela for Israel in the past few years, but he still lives in his home in Caracas”

Venezuela’s Jews describe chaos, uncertain future
by Shimon Yaish
January 25, 2019

Juan Guaidó has been sworn in as temporary president of Venezuela—two weeks after Nicolás Maduro, the president elected in a disputed vote last year took the oath of office—and Venezuela is in chaos. Venezuela is home to some 5,000 Jews. About 20,000 Jewish Venezuelans have left the country in the past decade because of economic conditions and in particular because of how the Jewish community has been treated since 2009…The prejudice peaked when then-President Hugo Chávez—known for his pro-Palestinian stance—demanded that the Israeli ambassador leave over the “Holocaust that Israel was perpetrating in Gaza,” as Chávez put it. READ MORE

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