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“Juan Carlos López’s children have all left Venezuela for Israel in the past few years, but he still lives in his home in Caracas”

JNS Venezuela’s Jews describe chaos, uncertain future by Shimon Yaish January 25, 2019 Juan Guaidó has been sworn in as temporary president of Venezuela—two weeks after Nicolás Maduro, the president elected in a disputed vote last year took the oath … Continue reading

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“Newly-released FBI documents on the investigation of Hillary Clinton make it clear beyond argument that the fix was in and that the FBI never had any intention of recommending that she should be prosecuted for her crimes”

THE AMERICAN SPECTATOR All the Lies: They’ve Turned Us Into a Rotting Banana Republic by Jed Babbin September 5, 2016 It’s a matter or record. Americans now populate the largest, wealthiest and most powerful banana republic in the world. The differences … Continue reading

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Israel-Nazi analogy from Venezuelan Ambassador Rafael Ramirez of a piece with late dictator Hugo Chavez

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Vilifying Israel, ruining Venezuela: How Nicolas Maduro’s regime is spreading anti-Semitism abroad and abusing its power at home by Diego Arria May 18, 2016 “What does Israel plan to do with the Palestinians?” asked the Venezuelan … Continue reading

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America, this cautionary tale: Venezuela is broke and headed towards a cliff from unsustainable socialist policies and staggering financial mismanagement

WASHINGTON POST Venezuela should be rich. Instead it’s becoming a failed state by Matt O’Brien May 4, 2016 It’s come to this: The country with the largest oil reserves in the world can’t afford to brew its own beer, stay … Continue reading

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Obama Administration looks the other way when it comes to anti-West, despotic, genocidal regimes

AMERICAN THINKER Progressivism: Easing the Way to Mass Murder by Kenneth Levin September 26, 2015 …President Obama, during his 2008 campaign as well as in earlier speeches, promised to act against the Darfur genocide. But he has done nothing, even … Continue reading

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UN Gaza report incentivizes terror, military experts warn

Thank goodness the United Nations Human Rights Council has such fair-minded unbiased members hard at work, funded to a great extent by US taxpayers. UN WATCH July 1, 2015 Saudi Arabia: “Israel is the worst racist regime in the world. Israel is … Continue reading

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