UN Gaza report incentivizes terror, military experts warn

Thank goodness the United Nations Human Rights Council has such fair-minded unbiased members hard at work, funded to a great extent by US taxpayers.

July 1, 2015

Saudi Arabia: “Israel is the worst racist regime in the world. Israel is the biggest violator of human rights in the world. The case must be referred to the ICC for crimes against humanity.”

State of Palestine: “We examined the report, and we can now say it is balanced to a great extent… Israeli leadership… deliberately planned this barbaric aggression.”

Tunisia on Behalf of the Arab Group: “We condemn the barbaric aggression against the besieged and occupied Palestinians… The report shows the need to establish accountability to investigate violations during this Israeli aggression.”

Ireland: “We commend the Commission of Inquiry’s work despite serious obstacles put in their way. Ireland regrets Israel’s decision not to cooperate. The right to self defense does not give confer Israel carte blanche to act with disproportionate force. This is a serious and conscientious document, balanced, sober, and reasoned.”

Venezuela: “The inquiry demonstrated that Israeli armed forces once again acted as a terrorist organisation, by deliberately attacking civilians with the intention of murdering them… Criminal responsibility for those who perpetrated this genocidal attack.” READ MORE

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