“The German government that resides in Berlin has in recent years allowed hundreds of thousands of antisemites from Muslim countries to immigrate without selection”

Berlin – Europe’s antisemitism capital
by Manfred Gerstenfeld
February 8 2019

Berlin has become Europe’s capital of antisemitism. Those who have been accustomed to considering Malmö as such were, however, not wrong. Malmö still suffers from major antisemitism. Yet, antisemitic incidents require not only potential perpetrators. These in Malmö come mainly out of parts of the Muslim community. There must also be a sufficient number of Jews to harass. Berlin, Germany’s largest Jewish community, has well over 30,000 Jews. The Jewish community in Malmö has shrunk to an estimated 500-600. Perhaps the best solution would be to establish different categories of European antisemitism capitals according to the number of Jews. READ MORE

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