“Hysterical children” at Chicago DePaul University condemn professor and demand his resignation for defending Israel

DePaul Students Demand Professor’s Censure, Call Him ‘Xenophobe’ For Supporting Israel In The Federalist
by Joy Pullmann
April 30, 2019

Campus administrators are trying to calm down students after a week of outrage over DePaul University professor Jason Hill writing in The Federalist to support Israel’s right to create defensible borders and repel Islamist attempts at genocide….The protesting students demanded that the university formally censure Hill, require him to take “racial sensitivity training,” and him to publicly apologize for writing that Israel has a “moral right” to annex the West Bank because it is territory it won during a war initiated by enemies who believe Israel and Israelis should be wiped from the earth. READ MORE

Watch Tucker Carlson interview Jason Hill: College students, faculty calling for the removal of a professor after he publishes pro-Israel op-ed

COMMENTARY At Williams College, Zionists Need Not Apply Late last month, the College Council at Williams voted, 13-8 against recognizing a pro-Israel club, Williams Initiative for Israel…Your “club is pro-Israel, which means you support a state that is built on Palestinian land,” said one and made it clear that “believing in the right of Israel to exist” was a red line that no registered student organization should be permitted to cross. Israel is a “fascist state” said another. The “existence of Israel is built on the killing of Palestinians,” said a third.

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1 Response to “Hysterical children” at Chicago DePaul University condemn professor and demand his resignation for defending Israel

  1. sylvia rosenberg says:

    the poeple who comment against israel are pure racists and hate the jewish poeple because they are so smart and successfull they did not steal arab land, they were thrown out of europe or killed 6,000,000 of them and had nowhere to go so they went back to the land of their ancesters…..once there they were attacked and robbed all the time so they had no choice but make they own government……there are still a lot of palestinians living in israel and nobody bothers them….they go to israeli iniversities, they are doctors in jewish hospitals….etc…everythung else is pure jealousy and fake news


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