“Any terrorist knows Israeli drones don’t look or operate like the two in Beirut, and any child knows the result would have been very different if Israel had really wanted to attack”

Nasrallah is lying about Israeli drones in Beirut; Lebanon must urgently wise up
by Avi Issacharoff
August 27, 2019

Perhaps, before Nasrallah and Hezbollah drag Lebanon into a major escalation or heaven forbid a war, the organization would like to explain what exactly Hezbollah’s two activists were up to in this mysterious villa outside Damascus. Were the two — Hassan Yousef Zabeeb and Yasser Ahmad Daher, who had been trained in Iran in operating drones — simply spending the last few days of summer vacation with their families around the pool before they headed back to their studies? Or were they, rather, planning and attempting to carry out attacks? And if the two were in fact there on some kind of military mission, does not Israel have complete legitimacy to protect itself from imminent attack? READ MORE

THE NEW ARAB Bahrain backs Israeli airstrikes on Iranian forces as ‘self-defence’ Bahrain’s foreign minister on Monday appeared to back alleged Israeli airstrikes on Iranian-backed militia forces in the Middle East, defending the military action as “self-defence”. Israel has reportedly struck targets in three different countries within the past two days, widening its military campaign against Iranian-backed forces. Late on Saturday, the Israeli army launched strikes in Syria to thwart what it said was an impending Iranian drone attack.

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