John Bolton “acted as a break on the president’s neo-isolationism. The future of diplomacy with North Korea, the Taliban and even Tehran now hangs in the balance”

With Bolton gone, will Trump make a deal with Iran?
by Jonathan Tobin
September 10, 2019

Perhaps it was as much about personalities as policy. The notoriously brusque and hard-driving John Bolton was always an awkward fit as National Security Advisor for a president like Donald Trump, who prefers subordinates to be sycophants…Despite the opposition of the Democrats at home and America’s feckless European allies abroad, Trump is now interested in talking with the Iranians. That appalled Bolton, as it did Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Both of them believe that negotiations with Islamist dictators will never achieve a thing, and both fear that talks with Iran will inevitably lead to appeasement. READ MORE

BLOOMBERG U.S. President Trump could meet with Iran’s Rouhani at U.N. with no preconditions: Pompeo

NEW YORK SUN Editorial Board: Can Trump Hew the Hard Line After Bolton?

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