On the morning of 9/11, former IDF commando Danny Lewin boarded American Airlines Flight No. 11 to fly from Boston to LA.

Honoring Danny Lewin. A Genius, a Hero, and the First Victim of 9/11
by Micha Danzig
September 11, 2019

Based on the investigation done by the FBI’s and FAA, it appears rather certain that Danny Lewin was the first victim of the largest terrorist attack in history, an attack that murdered almost 3,000 people in one day. An internal memorandum of the FAA says “that in the course of a struggle that took place between Lewin, a graduate of Israel’s elite commando unit, Sayeret Matkal, and the four hijackers who were assaulting that cockpit, Lewin was murdered by Satam Al Suqami, a 25-year-old Saudi.” READ MORE

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