6 European countries join forces to do business with Iran (and throw Israel under the bus)

Israel Rebukes Six European Countries for Joining Sanctions-Avoiding Financial System
by Karys Rhea
December 1, 2019

Israel sharply rebuked six European countries on Sunday after they announced their intention to become members of INSTEX, a financial system that provides a path for Iran to circumvent US sanctions and continue exporting oil and other goods to Europe Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden said on Friday that they would join the trade mechanism, which has yet to facilitate a transaction. After the Trump administration unilaterally withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal in 2018, the bartering system was established to sidestep sanctions and preserve the deal...The [Foreign]  Ministry’s Director General Yuval Rotem urged the six countries to reconsider. READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST Merkel gov’t continues UN assault against Israel, snubbing German Jews Germany’s UN ambassador has voted again for an anti-Israel resolution, ignoring pleas from the nearly 100,000-member Central Council of Jews in Germany and the Jewish state to change its voting pattern.

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