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Hey Sweden, spare us lectures about how the #hijab “empowers” women: “The Iranian authorities are employing the full machinery of the state to crush opposition to forced hijab, but with more than half the population against it, the tide is increasingly against them”

GATESTONE Sweden: Hijab is ‘Look of the Year’ by Judith Bergman February 1, 2020 …For years, women in Iran have been arrested and imprisoned for refusing to wear the mandatory headscarf and even for protesting its use…As women in Iran protested the … Continue reading

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6 European countries join forces to do business with Iran (and throw Israel under the bus)

ALGEMEINER Israel Rebukes Six European Countries for Joining Sanctions-Avoiding Financial System by Karys Rhea December 1, 2019 Israel sharply rebuked six European countries on Sunday after they announced their intention to become members of INSTEX, a financial system that provides … Continue reading

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Not your father’s Sweden

GATESTONE Sweden is at War by Judith Bergman July 13, 2019 …“Sweden is at war and it is the politicians who are responsible. Five nights in a row, cars have been set on fire in the university town of Lund. … Continue reading

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Stockholm Hospital makes Top Ten list: Jewish doctors “systematically discriminated against by department head for years”

HAARETZ Top Swedish Hospital to Make List of 10 Worst anti-Semitic Incidents of 2018 by David Stavrou December 23, 2018 One of Sweden’s most prestigious hospitals will be included in a high-profile list of the year’s worst cases of anti-Semitism, … Continue reading

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“Not only women, but almost one out of three Swedes, do not feel safe in Sweden, according to a new poll”

GATESTONE Sweden: Women Raped, Authorities Too Busy by Judith Bergman November 28, 2018 …Unlike what the Swedish media has been preaching for years — that most rapes occur in private settings and are committed against victims who know already their attacker — … Continue reading

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“When my friend #PerAhlmark passed away in June, at the age of 79, the free world lost an eminent writer, poet and pro-democracy activist”

JERUSALEM POST Sweden’s Prophet by Hillel Neuer August 6, 2018 For the late Per Ahlmark, history revealed three empirical rules that proved why liberal democracy was vital for all of humanity. First, “no democracy has ever gone to war against … Continue reading

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Are its leaders finally acknowledging what Europeans have known for years? [VIDEO]

GATESTONE The High Price of Denial by Douglas Murray March 15, 2018 Is it possible that mainstream politicians and the mainstream media are finally recognising what the European public can see with their own eyes?…On Monday February 26, Merkel gave … Continue reading

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