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6 European countries join forces to do business with Iran (and throw Israel under the bus)

ALGEMEINER Israel Rebukes Six European Countries for Joining Sanctions-Avoiding Financial System by Karys Rhea December 1, 2019 Israel sharply rebuked six European countries on Sunday after they announced their intention to become members of INSTEX, a financial system that provides … Continue reading

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#BDSFail “I’m glad Denmark has realized the Danish taxpayer does not wish to fund – directly or indirectly – Palestinian organizations with ties to terrorism”

YNET Denmark halts aid to Palestinian NGO over terror ties by Itamar Eichner December 23, 2017 Danish Foreign Ministry decides to stop funding for 14 Palestinian organizations in the wake of an internal investigation that found these groups used the … Continue reading

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It’s Orwell’s 1984 in Denmark. Dissent will not to be tolerated

GATESTONE Denmark Criminalizes Free Speech – Selectively by Judith Bergman February 19, 2016 Last week, a Danish district court ruled that what a Danish citizen had written on Facebook in November 2013 violated the Danish criminal code. In response to a … Continue reading

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Politically Incorrect article-of-the-day, from a Danish Psychologist

ARUTZ SHEVA How Islam Creates Sociopaths by Nicolai Sennels October 4, 2015 The daily mass killings, terror, persecutions and family executions committed by the followers of Islam are nauseating, and the ingenuity behind the attacks — always looking for new … Continue reading

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Forgetting the hard lessons of appeasement

WASHINGTON TIMES by Paul Miller February 19, 2015 Blaming Jews won’t save Europe from the deadly blade of Islamic terror “Terrorism in the Middle East — when Jews were being attacked, Israelis were being attacked, Americans were being attacked, even … Continue reading

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On eve of attacks, Danish imam called for conflict

TIMES OF ISRAEL by Staff February 18, 2015 In a fiery sermon delivered only a day prior to twin terror attacks that rocked Copenhagen and left two dead, a Danish imam rejected calls for interfaith dialogue, instead urging “ideological conflict” with anyone … Continue reading

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‘Devastated’ by Slain Jew, yet Denmark Huge Funder of Anti-Israel Activity

JEWISH PRESS by Lori Lowenthal Marcus February 17, 2015 …But other than when a Jew is killed – in a spectacular way – on its soil, does Denmark show support for its Jewish community or the Jewish people? Or does … Continue reading

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