America’s Jewish leaders are “like failed generals fighting the last war” obsessing on Nazis and the political right, deliberately “minimizing the assaults coming from progressives and Islamists”

Why Trump’s Protection Leaves Jews Confused
by Ruth R. Wisse
December 22, 2019

Anti-Semi­tism is on the rise in the U.S., but the re­sponse from Amer­i­ca’s Jews has been con­fused. Don­ald Trump is the first pres­i­dent to con­front anti-Semi­tism by rec­og­niz­ing Jerusalem as Is­rael’s cap­i­tal and by ex­tend­ing civil-rights pro­tec­tion to Jew­ish col­lege stu­dents in the U.S. Yet some Jews and Jew­ish or­ga­ni­za­tions con­demn him as an anti-Semite and de­nounce his ini­tia­tives. One rea­son, per­versely, is the suc­cess of Holo­caust teach­ing. Amer­i­cans raised on this his­tory are so used to Nazi vil­lainy that they can­not imag­ine any other form of anti-Jew­ish pol­i­tics. READ MORE

ALGEMEINER Charles Jacobs and Avi Goldwasser: America’s Failed Jewish Leadership Must Resign It’s hard to ignore the simple fact that Jewish leaders have failed to stop or even slow down the accelerating epidemic of Jew-hatred in America. Good intentions and doing their “best” is not good enough. It’s irrational to continue with the current policies and leaders and expect different results. Part of the reason for their failure is that many mainstream Jewish leaders have failed to fully understand the new threats we face.

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