#NeverTrump foreign policy expert Daniel Pipes endorses Cruz

Ted Cruz for President
by Daniel Pipes
May 2, 2016

In this spirit, along with 120 others, I signed a Mar. 2 “Open Letter on Donald Trump from GOP National Security Leaders” that asserted we “commit ourselves to working energetically to prevent the election of someone so utterly unfitted to the office.” I wrote an article for thePhiladelphia Inquirer titled “There’s a Name for Trump’s Brand of Politics: Neo-fascism.” I regularly tweet with the #NeverTrump hashtag. Opposing Trump goes without saying; but whom to support? (To be clear, we are talking about my personal support, unconnected to the non-profit I head.) Other than Trump, I could have endorsed any of the original 17 Republicans (yes, even Chris Christie). But because the field was so large and confused (remember when Scott Walker led the pack?), I hung back, waiting for the emergence of a clear alternative to Trump. READ MORE

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