#Minneapolis #Intersectionality “American pro-BDS group claims #IDF tactics ‘systematically target black and brown bodies'”

NGO links George Floyd death to ‘racist’ training by Israeli military
by Staff
May 31, 2020

An American pro-boycott umbrella group has linked the death of a black man in police custody in Minneapolis to Israel, claiming that the IDF trains US officers in ‘racist’ tactics. Commenting on the death of George Floyd after he was pinned to the ground by a white police officer last week, the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR) tweeted to its 51,000 followers on Thursday: “The Israeli military trains US police in racist and repressive policing tactics, which systematically targets black and brown bodies.”…Former Knesset member Einat Wilf wrote in response to the USCPR tweet: “Ah yes, of course. Because there is absolutely nothing in American history to explain police brutality against black men”READ MORE

WCCO RADIO NEWSROOM Should knee to the neck maneuver be banned for police? Is it taught in police circles? Maria Haberfeld, a former sergeant with the Israel Defense Forces, said she has “never seen” a restraining technique like this in all her years of studying, teaching, and writing about use of force by police departments in the US and abroad.

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