“Beinart is a smart guy; he knows that for his readers to buy his thesis, it is important that they not know very much”

End the Jewish State? Let’s try some honesty, first
by Daniel Gordis
July 8, 2020

…About what do we [Peter Beinart and myself] agree? I share Peter’s deep frustration over the plight of Palestinian Arabs. I, too, worry about racism in Israeli society. I, too, want something big to change here. I also think that the status quo is not tenable for the long run. Yet we also disagree about a great deal. He thinks that Israeli ethnic cleansing of the West Bank is likely; I think (and pray) that is it essentially unthinkable. He discounts the threat of Palestinian terror; I suspect that, living in Jerusalem, it is more of an issue for me than it is for him on the Upper West Side. READ MORE

ALGEMEINER Peter Beinart’s One-State Call Earns Praise of Israel-Hater Linda Sarsour

TABLET MAG Benjamin Kirstein: The Jews of Privilege Peter Beinart thinks Jews don’t need Zionism. That’s because he’s never needed it himself…To a great extent, Beinart’s arguments are desperately boring, as the racist argument is as old as Zionism itself, and is repeated ad nauseum throughout the international media and institutions of higher education—but the basic points are worth reiterating. Beinart writes, “It’s time to abandon the traditional two-state solution and embrace the goal of equal rights for Jews and Palestinians. It’s time to imagine a Jewish home that is not a Jewish state.

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