“Jordan understands that it was defeated in 1948 and 1967 and that the Jewish State is here to stay”

How victory works
by Nave Dromi
July 21, 2020

…Seventy two years ago, in 1948, Jordan, then known as Transjordan, with arguably the strongest army in the region, British trained, invaded what would become the territory of the United Nations-mandated Jewish State, conquering wide swathes of territory and massacring inhabitants of Jewish towns and villages, like in Gush Etzion. It seized Judea and Samaria and large parts of Jerusalem, expelling and ethnically cleansing these territories of their Jewish populations. Even after it signed a ceasefire agreement with the newly established State of Israel, it continued to allow deadly Fedayeen attacks from its territory in a war of attrition to try and achieve what the traditional military method could not. READ MORE

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