Yishai Fleisher, Mordechai Kedar and Benjamin Anthony on the UAE-Israel Deal

Ten takeaways from the UAE-Israel Announcement
by Benjamin Anthony
August 17, 2020

…In no particular order, here are ten take away points to keep in mind: 1) By taking the issue of sovereignty off the table, the Israeli right has been spared from entering into the Trump peace plan as a basis for negotiations. That plan endorsed Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan valley, but it also supported the establishment of a Palestinian state in Judea & Samaria, it’s capital in east Jerusalem and the ceding of more Israeli land, this time adjacent to the Gaza strip…6) Normalization turns the tables on the Iranians. For years, Iran has tormented Israel by stationing Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, hard along Israel’s border. Now Iran must contend with the open fact that Israeli capabilities and know-how will be established in the UAE…READ MORE

Yishael Fleisher: My interview with Dr. Mordechai Kedar about Abraham Accords, who Mohammed bin Zayid is, and how the #UAE sees Israel

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