Michael Oren: Setting aside a focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the main impediment to peace, to work on the region’s other priorities, marks a fundamental shift that just might work

Stunning Israel-UAE deal upends the ‘rules’ about peace-making in Middle East
by Michael Oren
August 14, 2020

The impending peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates is more than just a stunning diplomatic breakthrough. It represents a fundamental shift in the paradigm of peace-making. For more than 50 years, that paradigm has been based on seemingly unassailable assumptions. The first of these was that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was the core dispute in the Middle East. Resolve it, and peace would reign throughout the region. The premise was largely dispelled by the Arab Spring of 2011 and the subsequent civil wars in Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Yemen. READ MORE

FORBES U.S. Sale of F-35 Stealth Fighters to the UAE Could Be a Middle East Game Changer The U.S. may sell F-35 stealth fighters to the United Arab Emirates, according to Israeli media. If true, it would be Washington’s reward to the UAE for that Persian Gulf nation’s recent decision to normalize relations with Israel.

MEMRI Kuwaiti TV Host: Palestinian Rejection of UAE Peace Agreement with Israel is a Historic Mistake

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