“However commendable Biden’s decision was to disavow an antisemite like Linda Sarsour, the Democratic Party nominee should clean up his own house first”

Biden Condemns Antisemitism While Ignoring Democrats Who Support It
by Benjamin Baird
September 12, 2020

…Despite these concerns, Biden continues to ignore the BDS advocate on his staff. In June 2018, his liaison to the Muslim American community, Farooq Mitha, shared a Facebook post opposing federal legislation to prohibit U.S. businesses from joining foreign boycotts against Israel. Mitha is a founding board member of Emgage, an umbrella of civic engagement projects consumed with electing pro-Islamist political candidates. Emgage holds many of its political literacy programs at terror-tied mosques, such as Florida’s  Darul Uloom Institute, former home to Al Qaeda “Dirty Bomber” Jose Padilla. READ MORE

JNS Jonathan Tobin: What does ‘dangerous for Israel’ and the Jews mean to Biden? It’s fortunate for Joe Biden that his ability to win the support of most Jewish voters doesn’t depend on his stance on Israel. As a new poll from the liberal Jewish Electorate Institute showed, Israel ranked at the bottom of a list of 11 issues that respondents cared about. With President Donald Trump hosting a White House ceremony this week that will commemorate the signing of normalization agreements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates as well as Bahrain, it’s difficult for the Democrats to claim that Trump shouldn’t be trusted when it comes to safeguarding the alliance with the Jewish state.

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