“It took only two weeks for the UAE to change their textbooks to accept and embrace Israel as part of the Middle East – but Palestinian media and schools still teach that Jews are the usurping outsiders who will ultimately be banished”

Hey Palestinians – you could have had peace with Israel 20 years ago and chose terror. Actions have consequences.
September 18, 2020

Hey Palestinians: You keep whining about how the Abraham Accords ignore you. That’s wrong. It treats you exactly how you deserve – as an entity that has, through your own actions and rejectionism, made your cause irrelevant. You could have been the ones on the White House lawn signing a genuine warm peace with Israel, multiple times, since 2000. Instead, you chose to adhere to your “principles” of destroying the Jewish state – through terror, through alliances with the worst human rights abusing states, through demographics of “return.” Israel’s desire for peace with Palestinians is no less than its desire for peace with the rest of the Arab world. READ MORE

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