“The Illinois and Columbia student governments seem to have decided that Israel is an “oppressor” and the Palestinian government is “oppressed,” therefore, as per the prevailing “logic,” support for Black lives in America demands opposition to Israel”

BDS resolutions on campuses represent dangerous ‘intersectionality’
by Daniel Pomerantz
October 15, 2020

Over the past few weeks, in moves that were in equal measures galling, ill-timed and stunningly decontextualized, students at two prominent American universities — including my alma mater — voted in favor of divesting from Israel. These votes occurred during the 2020 High Holiday season, when Jewish students may have been less available to weigh in on this debate as they were navigating virtual synagogue services or other COVID-compliant religious gatherings. While these votes, at Columbia University in New York and at the University of Illinois, are symbolic in terms of university policy, they are nonetheless significant as they reflect a shift in student opinion that affects life on campus…READ MORE

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