“The Jewish people’s long-standing resistance to both colonialism and assimilation, and the miracle that is the survival of the Jewish people for thousands of years, arguably started with Hanukkah”

Hanukkah: A ‘Stiff Necked’ People — the Fight for Sovereignty and Against Assimilation
by Micha Danzig
Decrmber 4, 2020

…After Judea fell to Hellenist colonialism, as often occurs within societies and peoples conquered by large expanding empires, there was an internal struggle in Judea between traditional Jews and those who did not entirely dissent from the Hellenists’ prohibitions on Jewish worship and culture, and in fact wished to succumb to Hellenism. Many Jews back then became, in effect, self-hating Jews, and wished to adopt Hellenism entirely. Hanukkah, therefore, is as much a celebration of the Jewish people’s success in ridding Judea of the colonialists — who sought, like many colonialists that followed in their footsteps (be they Roman, Arab, Crusader, etc.), to impose their culture and/or faith on the people of Judea — as it is a celebration of the incredible perseverance of the Jewish people. READ MORE

NEW YORK POST Ari Lamm: Why the cultural elite truly despises Hanukkah Our cultural elites’ least ­favorite Jewish holiday has arrived: Hanukkah, of course. Why did Hanukkah irk everyone from the late Christopher Hitchens, who memorably ­derided it as a “celebration of tribal Jewish backwardness,” to author Sarah Prager, who took to the pages of The New York Times recently to explain that she won’t be teaching her kids about it? Well, because Hanukkah is about as out of step with the contemporary elite consensus as any religious tradition can be.

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