“Christmas is an attractive time for jihadists for three unattractive reasons”

Jihad at Christmas: “Coldly Kill Them with Hate and Rage”
by Richard Kemp
December 24, 2020

This month, Islamic State terrorists released a “religious” song for Christmas, “Coldly Kill Them With Hate and Rage”. Taking the form of Islamic religious chant, the song, according to a report by the Middle East Media Research Institute, exhorts jihadists everywhere to murder non-Muslims, “pagans, atheists and polytheists”, from “West Africa all the way to east Asia… through air, land and sea”. Published on Telegram, the post includes the hashtag #MerryChristmas and a photograph of a Christmas tree with dynamite attached. Christmas is an attractive time for jihadists for three unattractive reasons. First and foremost, they are fighting a religious war and by far their numerically greatest enemies are Christians whose most prominent festival is Christmas. READ MORE

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