CNN’s Kiley recites B’Tselem’s charges but “gives just one paragraph of response to Israeli government officials who answer in broad-brush terms; thus nearly 90% of the article lists unchallenged and grave allegations against the nation”

CNN’s Sam Kiley Parrots B’Tselem’s Slanders
by Andrea Levin
February 8, 2021

In a January report titled “Israel isn’t a democracy, ‘it’s an apartheid regime’, rights group says,” CNN’s Sam Kiley relays baseless charges against the Jewish state and deceives readers about B’Tselem. Kiley terms the NGO “a well-respected Israeli institution.” In reality, B’Tselem enjoys little respect or influence inside Israel, where it is discounted for its extremist attacks on the country and its history of once employing a Holocaust denier. The NGO relies heavily on foreign funding for its existence. Kiley relates B’Tselem’s grave and unchallenged allegations against the Jewish state with no counterpoint provided. READ MORE

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