#Whoopi and the #Holocaust: She’s only regurgitating “twisted attitudes held by an alarming number of people, but which are generally glossed over because these people are black”

Whoops, Whoopi: The Holocaust is all about race
by Melanie Phillips
February 3, 2022

…Racism, under this dogma, is defined not as bigotry by one group against another but as bigotry with power. Therefore, black people can never be racists. And because this viewpoint also holds that the Jews control white society, they are seen as powerful and therefore white, even when they are dark-skinned. So under this pernicious theory, Jews can never be victims. The West is currently consumed by epidemic anti-Semitism because of the rise of radical politics in three areas: the Muslim world, the left and the black community. Radical Islamism has fused Nazi and Soviet anti-Semitism with theological Islamic Jew-hatred. READ MORE

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