“Israel has been consistently criticized for its occupation of the West Bank, east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, even though they were captured in a purely defensive war”

To whom was the Promised Land promised?
by Neville Taylor
January 26, 2022

If the world were governed by reason, logic and conscientious adherence to the rule of law, then Professor Abraham A. Sion’s new book [To Whom Was The Promised Land Promised?: Some Fundamental Truths About The Arab-Israeli Conflict] would be a game-changer. For he has submitted the entire legal process leading to the establishment of the State of Israel to meticulous forensic examination, and he demonstrates beyond any doubt that judicial rulings from the UN, the EU, the International Court of Justice and elsewhere have often been at odds with a scrupulous interpretation of their legal basis. In short, he demonstrates with chapter and verse that the almost universally accepted consensus on Israel’s legal position regarding the West Bank, settlements and Jerusalem is legally flawed. READ MORE

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