“Latest grotesque exhibition of anti-Israel vitriol among NGOs is report by Amnesty International that recycles tired, repeatedly disproven yet deliberately provocative antisemitic tropes and accusations of racism”

Amnesty International Wants to End the Jewish State
by Richard Kemp
February 2, 2022

Let us be in no doubt, this report is not a criticism of the State of Israel. It is a chillingly clear manifesto pronouncing Israel an illegal entity with no right to exist. Page after page, it shows a deeply-troubling obsession with righting the supposed wrong of 1948. It calls for Israel to be flooded with generation after generation of descendants of Arabs who left in 1948, and who expected to return after five invading armies had wiped Israel off the map. Such an influx of so-called refugees would be unprecedented anywhere in the world. It would mean the termination of the State of Israel, a condition of perpetual conflict between Arabs and Jews under a single Palestinian state, and the end of the Jewish people’s right to self-determination. READ MORE

WASHINGTON TIMES Clifford May: Amnesty spreads the virus of antisemitism It defames, demonizes, and attempts to delegitimize the Jewish state

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