“America is putting Vladimir Putin in charge of Iran’s nuclear-weapons programme”

Biden’s shocking empowerment of Russia and Iran
March 18, 2022

…While the Biden administration postures as standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Ukraine in its desperate defence against murderous aggression, it is itself reportedly about to capitulate entirely to Iran. This, astoundingly, is America’s actual answer to Zelensky. Given that the Iranian regime has been at war with the west since it came to power in 1979, that its fingerprints are on almost every major terrorist atrocity against western interests and that it unceasingly declares its genocidal aim to exterminate Israel, the administration’s determination to empower it is incomprehensible. The reported terms of the deal being negotiated in Vienna will allow Iran legitimately to equip itself with a nuclear arsenal after a mere delay — according to Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett — of two-and-a-half years. READ MORE

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