“Mohammad Ghaleb Abu al-Qi’an, who killed 4 in Beersheba terror spree on Tuesday, was jailed over Islamic State ties after a judge said he expressed ‘sincere remorse’”

Terrorist was called a ‘ticking bomb’ in the past, was sentenced to 4 years
March 23, 2022

The terrorist who killed four Israelis in Beersheba on Tuesday was reportedly called a “ticking time bomb” by prosecutors in a previous security case and was given a four-year prison sentence. Mohammad Ghaleb Abu al-Qi’an, 34, killed three women and one man in a ramming and stabbing attack in the southern city before being shot to death by armed civilians. He was a terror convict from the Bedouin town of Hura in the Negev who served four years in prison for plotting to join the Islamic State. He was released in 2019. Abu al-Qi’an was an elementary school teacher when he was indicted in 2015 for his affiliation with Islamic State and for attempting to recruit people to the jihadist group. READ MORE

YOUTUBE Arab man stabs four Israelis to death in Israel’s Beersheba; Attacker shot dead by a local WARNING: This is graphic

TIMES OF ISRAEL Two mothers of 3, a Chabad rabbi, a brother of 4: The terror victims named Doris Yahbas, 49, Laura Yitzhak, 43, and Menahem Yehezkel, 67, were stabbed to death; Moshe Kravitzky, 50, died when terrorist rammed his bicycle

ELDER OF ZIYON Fatah terrorists join in praising Beersheva attack, call for Ramadan attacks on Jews The “military wing” of Fatah, the political group led by “moderate” PA president Mahmoud Abbas, has praised the Beersheva terror attack Tuesday that killed four Jews – including two women and a rabbi.

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