“When I look at Zelensky, I don’t see a man cynically twisting Holocaust history for some nefarious purpose”

Zelensky strikes the wrong note to bring Knesset to his side
Lahav Harkov
March 20, 2022

…Zelensky continued his practice of customizing his speeches to suit his audience when he addressed the Knesset over Zoom, taking the comparisons he had already made between his country’s situation and World War II to the next level and dedicating the lion’s share of his speech to the Holocaust…Rather than stir Israel’s leaders and legislators to action and solidarity, the heavy Holocaust comparisons – from saying Moscow is planning a “final solution for the Ukrainian question” to saying that Israel should save Ukrainians like Ukrainian Righteous Among the Nations saved Jews – drew more focus from its audience, which criticized its inappropriateness, than Zelensky’s appeal for weapons. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Yes, Zelensky misspoke, but that really doesn’t matter What matters is how Israel handles the present moment – and whether its actions will stand the test of time…when we focus on where Zelensky went wrong in his speech, we risk losing sight of the destruction being wrought in Ukraine.

JTA Zelensky offers new details about his family’s Holocaust history, igniting debate over Ukrainian Holocaust memory Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky‘s great-grandparents died when the Nazis burned their village, he said in an interview on CNN Monday. Speaking through a translator with Fareed Zakaria, Zelensky said, as he has many times before, that his grandfather and his grandfather’s brothers all entered the Soviet Red Army, and only his grandfather survived.

124NEWS ‘Until you arm Ukraine’: Republican lawmaker calls on US to stop aid to Israel Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger attacked Israel on Monday, saying the United States should stop helping the Jewish state “unless Israel supplies arms to Ukraine in the fight against the Russian invasion.” Kinzinger, who backs massive military action to defend Ukraine, lambasted Israel after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke to Knesset members on Sunday asking them to provide him with the Iron Dome system to defend himself against Russian military missiles.

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