“At Negev Summit, US Secretary of State Blinken demonstrates what it currently means to be a Western progressive: supporting people who murder Israelis and empowering others who want to wipe out Israel”

Blinken’s obscene Western ‘progressive’ agenda
Melanie Phillips
March 31, 2022

Coming in the midst of the past week’s atrocities against Israelis, Blinken’s remarks were obscene. “Settlement expansion” only increases tensions because people like Blinken make this so by continuing to perpetuate the lie that Israelis have stolen “Palestinian” land in the disputed territories. The truth is that they are the only people with a legal and historical right to be there. “Settler violence,” although reprehensible, is minuscule compared with the countless, daily and never-ending attacks or attempted attacks on Israelis—the vast majority of which go entirely unreported in America and Britain. The Arab “evictions” from the Jerusalem neighborhood of Shimon HaTzadik (also known as Sheikh Jarrah) were nothing other than a dispute over non-payment of rent, grossly misrepresented by Blinken and his ilk as a form of ethnic cleansing. READ MORE

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