“Tens of thousands of Palestinians dispersed peacefully on Friday afternoon after prayers in Jerusalem. The hundreds who clashed with police earlier, by contrast, had come to fight”

Just look at their feet: The ‘defenders’ of Al-Aqsa are desecrating it
David Horovitz
April 17, 2022

…And as with Hamas in Gaza, while ostensibly guarding their religion and its third-holiest shrine, the rioters were actually dishonoring it. You only had to look at their feet: The stone-throwers who clashed with Israeli security forces in and around Al-Aqsa Mosque had their shoes on — in breach of the respectful Islamic tradition to remove impure footwear when entering the house of prayer…Nobody looking at what unfolded on Friday can reasonably doubt that, in contrast to the tens of thousands who prayed at the same contested spot later in the day, the Palestinians who had gathered at Al-Aqsa on Friday morning were bent on confrontation. READ MORE

NY SUN Benny Avni: Jordan Emerges as Two-Faced Provocateur in Holy Site Violence In the annual rite of clashes at Jerusalem’s holy sites, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has emerged as top arsonist even while donning a firefighter disguise.

GATESTONE Bassam Tawil: How Palestinians Desecrate Everyone’s Holy Sites, Including Their Own Unless the US administration makes it unmistakably clear that the Palestinians will pay dearly for continuing to reward terrorists and their families, the Palestinians will not even slow down either desecrating holy sites or committing their terror attacks.

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