Iran enriching up to 60% purity, close to the roughly 90% of weapons-grade, claims its nuclear aims are “wholly peaceful”

Iran expanding nuclear work, switching off cameras amid IAEA censure
Francois Murphy
June 8, 2022

Iran has begun further expanding its underground uranium enrichment and said on Wednesday it would switch off two of the U.N. nuclear watchdog’s cameras, as the watchdog’s 35-nation board overwhelmingly passed a resolution criticising Tehran. Only Russia and China opposed the resolution submitted by the United States, Germany, France and Britain saying the Board of Governors “expresses profound concern” that uranium traces found at three undeclared sites remain unexplained due to insufficient cooperation by Iran. It also calls on Tehran to engage with the watchdog “without delay”. READ MORE

DAILY BEAST Playing with Fire: This Could Be the Next Big War That Grips the Entire World
The ongoing war between Israel and Iran across the Middle East came out of the shadows and into the open long ago. But now, on the back of several suspected Israeli attacks inside Iran itself, the deadly contest threatens to escalate—possibly beyond the region.

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