This came from rabbinical interpretation, not the Bible: Moses never wore tefillin, nor did he place a mezuzah on his tent. King David and his son Solomon never wore yarmulkes, nor did any king of Israel. Even the kosher laws and how circumcision must be performed are not biblical”

Yom Kippur is not a Biblical Holiday
Israel Drazin
September 19, 2022

As with Rosh Hashanah, Orthodox Jews like me recognize that Yom Kippur is not mentioned in the Bible. It replaces another day known as Yom Hakippurim, mentioned in the Bible in Leviticus 16:29–31, 23:27–32, and Numbers 29:7–11. Orthodox Jews follow the Oral Law, the ways that the rabbis interpreted the Torah. This can be called Rabbinical Judaism in contrast to Biblical Judaism. The rabbinical interpretations of the Torah resulted in many changes. Some examples are: The rabbis delineated 39 types of behaviors that are prohibited on Shabbat. They are not in the Torah. READ MORE

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