Lapid’s support for a Palestinian state compounds a disastrous error

The real reason for the war against Israel and the West
Melanie Phillips
September 22, 2022

As soon as it emerged that Israel’s acting Prime Minister Yair Lapid would tell the United Nations General Assembly this week that he supports the establishment of a Palestinian state, he was engulfed by outrage, incredulity and dismay. Critics charged that he was endangering Israel’s security by seeking to establish a terrorist state on land to which Israel is lawfully entitled. This, they said, would incentivize yet more Palestinian terrorism…This was the first time in many years that an Israeli leader expressed support for such a state at the U.N.—and at a time when Palestinian radicalization and terror attacks are increasing. Of course, Lapid’s initiative has gone down well with the left, which believes the Arab-Israeli conflict is a dispute over territorial boundaries fueled by the supposedly extremist Jewish belief in a biblical entitlement to the Land of Israel. READ MORE

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