“Iranian feminism has stood the test of time; it hasn’t been corrupted. If only the same could be said for the West”

What Western feminists can learn from Iran
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
September 28, 2022

…This is part of the reason why Iran is so unique: not only are men standing publicly with women, but women must also be aware that they are under no threat from their husbands and male relatives, otherwise they would not dare put themselves on the front lines like this. Consider, for example, the beautiful, inspiring videos of women tossing their headscarves into bonfires before dancing joyously away, for all the world to see. If they thought their fathers or brothers were waiting back home to punish them, I doubt we would see such sights on this scale…As America’s feminist movement collapses under the weight of it its own divisiveness, I can’t help but find its Iranian counterpart far more inspiring: men and women standing together, speaking up for each other’s rights. READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST Iran fires at students as Mahsa Amini protests continue to escalate Security forces were seen in footage shared on social media firing directly at crowds of protesters, including students.

THE HILL Treasury sanctions 7 Iranian leaders over violence against protestors, internet shutdown The U.S. Department of the Treasury sanctioned seven Iranian government and security leaders on Thursday for their suppression of women’s rights protests using violence and censorship.

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