“Yair Lapid trades Mediterranean gas fields claimed by Israel to Hezbollah in exchange for a line of rusting buoys”

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
Israel-Lebanon deal brought the US back to the region
Oded Granot
October 13, 2022

No sooner had the announcement of the maritime deal with Lebanon than the politicians started squabbling over it, with both vile criticism and heavy praise exchanged over the ether. But the truth is that both sides are just divorced from reality. They are all true to one thing: There are elections coming up in two weeks’ time. Those who have called the deal historic because it could pave the way to normalizing relations are wrong; and those who say that it is a humiliating instrument of surrender to Hezbollah that would deny Israel billions of dollars in gas revenue that will now go to terrorism, are also very wrong. The truth of the matter – and Lebanon will concede as much – is that this is a worthy agreement that serves both sides. READ MORE

TABLET MAG Tony Badran: Yeah, Buoy!!  In pushing the deal on the Israelis, the U.S. administration saw an opportunity to obtain major concessions from a weak caretaker government that might in turn help to advance the Biden team’s wobbly regional agenda of realigning the United States with Iran. How far the administration pushed, and how much the Lapid government was willing to bend, became clearer as details about the deal were leaked to the Lebanese media.

WALL STREET JOURNAL Israel Falls for Lebanon’s Treaty Bait-and-Switch Jerusalem gave away almost everything in maritime talks after Beirut demanded even more.

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