It’s clear that #JStreet isn’t “Jewish” or “pro-Israel,” it exists solely to elect and defend #Democrats

Why is J Street defending Congress’ worst antisemite?
Moshe Hill
December 14, 2022

J Street, a far-left organization that has done more to turn Israel into a partisan issue than any other, has joined other anti-Israel Jewish groups in an attempt to browbeat Kevin McCarthy—likely to be the next speaker of the House—into not kicking virulent antisemite Rep. Ilhan Omar off the House Foreign Affairs Committee. This is in keeping with J Street’s plan to make Israel less safe and turn it into a wedge issue. First, let’s examine why and under what precedent McCarthy will make this decision. The precedent was set by outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who removed Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committee assignments due to comments Greene made years before she was elected. READ MORE

These Jewish organizations all join J Street in opposing the removal of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee: Ameinu, Americans for Peace Now, Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, Habonim Dror North America, New Israel Fund, the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism and T’ruah

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